Composite Fillings

Today, with the higher standards of tooth care available- regular dental and hygiene check-ups, our knowledge of good and bad foods and the wide range of dental products on the market – our teeth are generally healthier and stronger than ever before.

Despite this, there are very few people who won’t require a filling at some point in their lives.

Why Do I Need A Filling?

You may need a filling for various reasons. Most often it is because of a decay in the tooth, however excessive biting of fingernails or grinding of the teeth can cause wear. They can also be damaged by hard food items or when biting on hard objects.

White or ‘composite’ fillings are moulded to the exact shape of your tooth and set using a UV blue light. The filling is lifelike and, when properly cared for, long lasting, which makes them a top choice amongst our patients.


The Benefits Of A White Filling

  • A white filling gives a natural looking finish
  • Unlike amalgam, a composite filling actually bonds to your tooth increasing its strength.
  • Less removal of the tooth is required- although they may take slightly longer to place.
  • They are a less invasive and expensive alternative to crowns.
  • Because it bonds to the tooth a white filling can often be used on a severely damaged tooth that might not otherwise support an amalgam filling.
  • If a composite filling is damaged it can be repaired.
  • They do not contain mercury- which is a cause of concern for some patients.